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Welcome to ANDE Monofilament fishing line.

ANDE Monofilament  has been in the business of furnishing monofilament fishing lines to anglers of the world for over 50 years. Our main goal has been to supply anglers the finest monofilament at the most reasonable price.

ANDE Mono offers seven of the finest monofilament fishing lines; Tournament, Premium, Back Country, Monster, Fluorocarbon and Ghost plus a wide variety of Leader Materials.

With well over 1,800 current IGFA world records to our credit, we feel this outstanding record speaks for the quality of ANDE Monofilament and the overall trust that anglers have for ANDE mono.

Join the ANDE fishing team by fishing ANDE line and catch big fish on light tackle.


109 Lb. Wahoo caught on 50lb ANDE Premium in the Bahamas

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We encourage our customers to buy ANDE
products from our dealer network,
this web site is to provide information about ANDE products and to give our customers access to our full product line that don’t have an ANDE dealer in their local area.

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