We hold and have held more I.G.F.A. World Records than all the other line companies combined—records we take very seriously, and of which we are very proud.

ANDE Tournament monofilament was designed and manufactured to conform with all of I.G.F.A. pound tests and testing regulations, from 2 to 130 pound test. This line is extruded to exacting diameters in order to meet the maximum allowed breaking strength under wet testing conditions. The I.G.F.A. World Records include salt and fresh water, along with fly rod.

Our Tournament monofilament comes in light green and fluorescent yellow, and in tests from 2 to 130 pound. Anyone interested in pursing a World Record can to get detailed information directly from the I.G.F.A.

Additional Details:

Yardage: 2,635

Diameter: 0.12mm

Pound Test
Spool Size

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