Line Types Defined

Tournament - Conforms to IGFA rules

Premium - most popular, medium soft excellent tensile and knot strength

Monster - the strongest monofilament ANDE has ever produced

Back Country - designed for smaller light-tackle reels, very low memory

Fluorocarbon - invisible under water, superb abrasion resistance

Ghost - same exacting standards as all ANDE products, with a lower retail cost

Leader Material - 50 yard wrist spools, 50 & 100 yard coils zip-tied in plastic bags

Ande Braid - graphite color, less guide noise, longer casts, small dia., no stretch.

Every angler is different, some want to shoot for an IGFA World Record and need a line that conforms to IGFA rules, another wants to have the strongest line possible regardless of breaking strength and the next person wants their mono to be invisible in the water... ANDE has it all.

We offer six different mono line types plus leader materials PLUS our new ANDE BRAID to meet the needs of today's freshwater and saltwater anglers world wide.










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