The History of ANDE

The history of ANDE Monofilament runs deep. Some of the world's largest fish have been landed on ANDE. The rich waters of Cooktown Australia to the shimmering bonefish flats of the Florida Keys, our line has proven to be "The Line of Champions".


Today we offer 7 different monofilament line types; Tournament, Premium, Monster, Back Country, Fluorocarbon, Ghost and a wide variety of Leader Material plus our newest line type, ANDE Braid.


With well over 2,000 current IGFA world records to our credit, we feel this outstanding record speaks for the quality of ANDE Monofilament and the overall trust that anglers have for ANDE monofilament.


Join the ANDE fishing team by fishing ANDE line and catch big fish on light tackle.




Founded by Arthur Berel in 1956 – named after his wife Edna. Ande is just Edna backwards.


Arthur was a light tackle fishing enthusiast. He loved fishing for Bonefish and Permit in the Florida Keys.


While his nephew was in Europe after World War 2 he found a spool of nylon fishing line in a small diameter he thought Arthur would like. After shipping to Arthur in the U.S. he used the product mainly in the Florida Keys and really liked it. Small diameter fishing line at the time was not very good. Because of how much he liked the product he got in touch with who was creating it at the time and brokered a deal to become the sole distributor in the U.S. over a handshake deal.


He sold the product out of his car while traveling up and down the east coast. His home base was his home in Tavernier, FL. He used his garage to store the product. He started off by spooling everything himself, eventually getting some help with that. While he was traveling he would stay at a motel owned by Chucks uncle. After some time and multiple stays Chucks father and uncle made an offer to purchase Ande from Arthur, which he accepted.


Shortly after they purchased Ande from Arthur they moved the company to Riviera Beach. Arthur stayed on to help as a consultant until his failing health forced him to retire. Chucks father was supposed to run the day to day operation, while his uncle was a traveling sales person. Not long after that Chuck took over the day to day and has been running it since.


Since they purchased from Arthur Ande has moved 4 times, all in Riviera Beach, FL.

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