Bright Green Braid

ANDE Braid is our newest addition to our "Line of Champions". ANDE has provided line to anglers worldwide for over 50 years. We are proud to have developed a braided line that stands up to Ande's high quality standards. Great for saltwater or fresh, our graphite color braid has less guide noise,longer casts, small diameter with no line stretch. Available in 10lb test up to 150lb test in spool sizes from 150meters/165yds up to 3,000meters / 3250 yds. Teamed up with ANDE Fluorocarbon leader, our new ANDE Braid is a braid fisherman’s best choice for spin or conventional reels.

Additional Details:

Yardage: 165

Diameter: 0.12mm

Spool Size
Pound Test

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